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Galsor is a young company with a clear mission to develop and manufacture safe, effective and innovative pharmaceutical products, preferring the use of active ingredients endogenous to the human body or in nature, that demonstrate to own remarkable therapeutic effects in the full respect of the body's physiological activities.

Galsor is based in Montella (AV) – Italy, where the administrative and operational offices are located.

Galsor is constantly striving to meet therapeutic needs in a narrow range of areas: ENT, GYNAECOLOGY, PAEDIATRICS, RHEUMATOLOGY and NEUROLOGY, by providing patients with innovative therapeutic care with proven effectiveness.

The corporate group, formed exclusively by young entrepreneurs from Irpinia, was formed in 2004 around the project SINUCLEAN, devoting most of its resources in Research and Development.
In 2010 the most important clinical study was concluded. It unequivocally demonstrated the safety and efficacy of the product Sinuclean in the treatment of rhinosinusitis. The obtained results represent a therapeutic milestone ever achieved before, emerging a result of clinical recovery over 90%.
Also in 2010, Galsor begins the structuring of the network for medical and scientific information with a group of professionals and multifirm agents.
Still in year 2010 Galsor concludes the phases of research, patents and launches on the market the MD in gynecology “OVOCAN”, a therapeutic KIT indicated in complicated and uncomplicated Candida vulvovaginitis.
In 2011 Galsor opens to the Foreign market and in July of the same year realizes the first International distribution agreement with 5 Eastern European Countries (Romania, Polonia, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic).
Still in 2011, Galsor launches on the Italian market the new pharmaceutical form for aerosol of Sinuclean and the brand new product SINERGA that reconceives the therapeutic approach in the prevention of Recurrent Respiratory Infections RRI, completely the result of the research Galsor.

Galsor’s current research projects concern the use of some endogenous active ingredients to be used in fibromyalgia and ADHD.

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